UAV Drones Notes (draft)

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and normally known as a Drone.


  1. Photography
  2. Aerial Mapping
  3. Surveillance
  4. Inspections

Major Type


  1. Multi-Rotor
  2. Fixed Wing
  3. Single Rotor (Helicopter)


Multi-Rotor Components


  1. Frame
  2. Motors
  3. ESCs electronic speed control
  4. Propellers
  5. Connectors
  6. Power Distribution board
  7. Batteries
  8. Mounting Pad
  9. Controller
  10. RC receiver / Telemetry
    1. Telemetry is what you use to send and receive data between your drone and your ground station
  11. Camera
  12. Flight Controller (FC)
    1. Control the stabilizing the flying state
    2. Basic Sensors
      1. Gyroscope
        1. Gyro measures rotational forces
      2. Accelerometer
        1. The accelerometer measures acceleration forces
      3. Gyro + Accelometer
        1. Able to calculate the drones current attitude (angle it is flying at) and perform necessary corrections
    3. Advance Sensor
      1. Barometer (pressure sensor)
        1. barometer is a pressure sensor that you use to measure the aircrafts altitude
      2. Magnetometer (compass)
    4. Ready-Made
      1. DJI Naza M V2
      2. DJI Naza Lite
      3. ArduPilot
      4. OpenPilot CC3d
      5. NAZE32
      6. KK2
      7. PixHawk
  13. Airspeed sensor (Normally for fixed wings)
    1. To measure the drone speed
  14. GPS
  15. Distance Sensors
  16. Optic Flow
    1. When flying indoors, or in thick tree cover, its not always possible to obtain a reliable GPS signal. By using an optic flow sensor facing downwards it is possible to help maintain position if you are flying over a suitable textured environment



Autonomous Drone

  1. Reference


Ground Control Station GSC (Open Source)



The architecture of the simulation system that depicts the core components and their interactions, allowing for real-world AI